CEDAPASS has a compact and agreable design so it can be inserted into every kind of foreground; it can be used in shopping centers and supermarkets, otherwise it’s naturally dedicated to handicap’s reserved passageway. It has been studied to be armonically inserted into a composable barrier system, is also available as double hatch model that allows to control wide passageway.

Power supply: 24 V DC
Motor: continuous current 24 V; 18 W (4.5 Nm)
Gear ratio: 62:1
Antishock device: minimum force for release 8 N

Mild steel: galvanized and powder coated metallized grey with poliurethanical transparent covering
Stainless steel: available in AISI 304 satin finish.


Control electronics regulate each function of this device:
• Bidirectional opening and shutting of hatch: end-stop and intermediate position control.
• Safety operation procedure: stop and reopening hatch inc ase of crash.
• Emergency acoustical device: it will be on when a safety operation starts or in case of not authorized opening of hatch.
• Real transit control by an optional sensor that allows the immediate closing of hatch. CEDAPASS

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